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The SETI Project?, originally uploaded by antigenre.

No, it’s a bunch of rings that I’m taking to The Market NYC this Saturday! I’m so excited about doing my first show in New York and am working away getting tons of pieces ready. Two new collections will be making their debut, as well. I’ll be sure to add the new items to my shop as soon as possible.

The Market NYC is a place for clothing, accessory and home goods designers to showcase their wares and is held every weekend at two locations in the city. I’ll be at the Mulberry Street spot from 11:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night. Take a look at the link below for more information. See you there!

The Market NYC

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I wasn’t waiting for the treasury on Etsy to open up or anything, but earlier today, someone posted an announcement on Twitter that it was opening up soon.   I decided to try and snag one, but I apparently missed it by just a minute or two. 

Well, fine.  I’ll put together my own collection of favorites!  I’m in a vintagey-steampunky-military-ish mood, and these items have all caught my eye in the last day or two (actually, I’ve been coveting a couple of them for a while now).  They are full of wonderful details and embellishments, from antique lace appliques and faux fur hems to metallic thread stitching and exposed seams.  With innovative construction and interesting lines, each of these handcrafted beauties would be a terrific addition to a seriously cool wardrobe.

*** Shop News ***

The last day to order for the holidays from my Etsy shop will be December 20th!  You’ll still be able to order after that, of course, but I might not be able to get your purchase out to you before I leave for Kansas on the 23rd.   Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or concerns about your order! 

Happy shopping!

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FlashFilm Homepage, originally uploaded by antigenre.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted for an interview by FlashFilm, a very cool online fashion magazine from Japan. One of their editors found me through Trunkt (I’m happy that my premium portfolio is paying off).  I was very excited this morning to see that the complete interview was just posted on their website!

Take a look:

AntiGenre Interview

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I love my Google Alerts!  I recently participated in an interview with StyleList, a comprehensive online fashion magazine, as part of their Indie Designer Interviews series, and it posted to their blog yesterday afternoon.  Well, aparently it got picked up by WhyGossip.com and one or two other fashion blogs, so my daily Google Alert was full of article headers that featured the same little snippet from the interview.   As I glanced over the alert, I realized that there was something a bit off about the WhyGossip one – the wording was different, and it took me a few seconds to realize that it had been run through some sort of online translator.  I have no idea what language the original English text was translated into, or why it was then translated out of that language back into English, but the results are rather comical:

Original Text:

We’re pleased to introduce the fresh, modern designs of Lauren Markley. You can find the work of this Princeton, NJ based jewelry designer at her Etsy shop, AntiGenre.

WhyGossip Text:

We’re entertained to inform the fresh, recent designs of Lauren Markley. You crapper encounter the impact of this Princeton, NJ supported adornment specializer at her Etsy shop, AntiGenre.

Crapper.  Yes, I am entertained to inform you that ‘crapper’ is the best translation of the word ‘can’.  Oh my!

Anyway, please check out the full interview here at StyleList!

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Little Evy Earrings, originally uploaded by antigenre.

I am not exactly a petite person and have sort of large features. I feel that delicate jewelry has a tendency to make me look even larger, so I find myself gravitating toward oversized jewelry – big disc and long dangly earrings, pendants and necklaces with strong focal points, for example. It’s not that I’m trying to make a statement or anything, I just have to find pieces proportional to my own body type.

I also have a tendency to make jewelry that is a bit oversized (hey, I want to wear my own stuff!) – my Isamu and Satellite Necklaces are testimony to that. I have started to realize, however, that not everyone likes such huge pieces and that I should perhaps offer a bit more variety in sizes. So I’ve decided to make one of my favorite pieces – the Evy Earrings – in a more down-to-earth size for people who favor a delicate look with their accessories.  I’ll have these posted in my shop soon!

Fashion forecasters are telling me that chunky, oversized jewelry is still the trend for Spring 2008, but who cares about trends anyway?

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I’ve recently found a fantastic source of these amazing brass findings!  I have no idea what they are supposed to be used for, or where they were made, but I love them.  They come in a great variety of evocative shapes and sizes – just looking at the rows and rows of bins starts my head spinning with all kinds of ideas. 

The earrings pictured are my Coriolis Earrings – lightweight, sexy, sophisticated!

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A Hint of Color


Yesterday as I was out and about, I saw a huge flock of robins pecking through the snow to find food.  I also saw some crocuses peaking up through the slushy, muddy ground, and earlier in the week I noticed some plum trees starting to bloom.  Today, the sun is shining.  Finally, the weight of winter is starting to lift.  

I worked on a few pieces this weekend that sort of hint at the start of spring.  I discovered a new gemstone (new to me, probably not everyone else, though) called Prehnite that has a beautiful, sort of cloudy green color.  I also just purchased some lovely apricot-colored candy jade.  I think they work very nicely with the more seasonal pieces I’m creating.

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I should probably focus on brightly-colored or floral-themed items for the onset of spring, but I am not one to follow trends or worry about what is in for which season. It’s not that I automatically reject trends because they’re trendy (at least not in all cases), but I usually miss the boat completely and decide I like a particular style way too late to actually do anything about it. As a result, I’m learning to just sort of go with my instincts and see what happens. Lately, I feel compelled to pare down my style and color schemes with the jewelry I’ve been making.  The Forgotten Lariat is part of my Elemental series, a group of pieces with cleaner lines, cooler colors and earthy, organic shapes.  I’m really having a lot of fun playing with new ideas and new material (square wire can be challenging!), so watch for lots of fun designs to show up in my shop as I develop them!

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This pair of earrings is one of the first in my Elemental series, which I’ll be rolling out in my shop over the next little while.  I’m having fun playing with silver and brass combinations, and I really like the little bit of pink that remains just under the surface of the brass discs on this pair. These are made with fairly substantial pieces of metal, but they are much more lightweight than they look.

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Let’s talk about something else for a minute. 

Tokyo Look Book is one of the best books on Tokyo street fashion around, and believe me, there are hundreds!  Author Philomena Keet is a graduate student in anthropology who splits her time between London and Tokyo.  She and photographer Yuri Manabe produced this amazing, very well researched book, and it is a visual treat for fashionistas everywhere.  The author clearly took a genuine interest in the lives and activities of the people she interviewed, and this approach lends depth and insight that most other books of its kind are lacking. Manabe’s photographs are fantistic, as well. 

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