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FlashFilm Homepage, originally uploaded by antigenre.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted for an interview by FlashFilm, a very cool online fashion magazine from Japan. One of their editors found me through Trunkt (I’m happy that my premium portfolio is paying off).  I was very excited this morning to see that the complete interview was just posted on their website!

Take a look:

AntiGenre Interview

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Well, I applied again to Trunkt last night and was finally accepted.  For now, I have only the basic portfolio and will probably stick to that, even though it only lets me upload three products.  I’m not sure if the standard and premium packages are worth the price.  Still, my basic package looks a bit spare, so maybe I’ll consider upgrading in the future. 

For now, though, take a look at my new Trunkt portfolio featuring some of my best-selling necklaces and one pair of earrings from my new Buckshot Series!

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