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Pull Up! Pull Up!


So my stash of supplies is getting daaaannngerously low! 

The above photo is just a sampling – I’m really not as desparate as that, but it makes the point nicely!  I have a bunch of ideas for new projects, but I’m afraid to start anything for fear of running out of something essential halfway through.  I’m also itching to re-list some of my favorite items, like the Isamu Necklace, that have sold from my shop recently, but no, I have to wait until I can remake them.  I literally have only a few inches left of some of the basics, like 20 gauge sterling wire, which I primarily use for ear wires but have recently started incorporating into new designs.  With the price of silver rising the way it has lately, it hurts a bit to place a big order with Rio Grande, but what am I going to do?  If the weather had been a little nicer yesterday, I would have just gone to Metalliferous on my day off.  But then, I only had the day off because the weather was so bad!  Oh, the irony…

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This pair of earrings is one of the first in my Elemental series, which I’ll be rolling out in my shop over the next little while.  I’m having fun playing with silver and brass combinations, and I really like the little bit of pink that remains just under the surface of the brass discs on this pair. These are made with fairly substantial pieces of metal, but they are much more lightweight than they look.

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