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Well, within about a day and a half of posting my last post about customer service, I got a surprise in my inbox: a receipt and shipping notice from the people who sold me my first torch.  They sent me a free replacement!  Very nice of them.  It took me by surprise because they never responded to my last email about the problems I was having, and I never requested a replacement, but at least now I know they got my email and took me seriously.  It arrived this afternoon, and I’m looking forward to trying it out.  A thank-you email is on its way to them.

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I’m not usually a rabble-rouser or a trouble maker; I fire off the occassional angry letter to the editor, and my bank heard from me recently regarding new fees at the ATM, but I usually don’t like to draw a lot of attention to myself.  So how, then, have several fairly well know companies managed to make me feel as if I’m a burr in their collective butt? 

When I got my first microtorch, I had a few problems using it, so I wrote to the company who sold it to me.  They promptly wrote back; it turns out it was just me being a spaz, and I got the thing to work.  A few days later, the torch died completely.  I wrote back to the company, explained the situation, and never heard from them again.   This was not just me being needy or whiny – I really wanted to use the product on which I had just spent a lot of money. 

Another supplier of jewelry tools and beading wire whose products I occassionaly use has also given me the cold shoulder.  All I did was ask about the material composition of one of their products.  I’ve written three times so far.  At this point, the answer is not even important to me; I’m not planning to use their stuff again.  I’m just sort of curious to see if they’ll ever respond. 

A few weeks ago, my beloved, incredibly hip black spectacles broke.  I wrote directly to the manufacturer and found at that that model of frame had been discontinued years ago.  They did, however, have exactly one frame left and would sell it to me at a discount.  OK, I said, sign me up!  Tell me how I can pay for them, and how they’ll get here!   Nothing.  No response.  I’m trying to GIVE THEM MY MONEY, but they apparently don’t need or want it.

With both Fair Industry and AntiGenre, I get a lot of inquiries about my products.  Usually, people want information about sizes or fabrics, care of their jewelry or washing instructions.  Some people want to see photos of items from different angles, or they want to know if I’ll be including other types of items in my collections in the future.  I try to answer each and every email as soon as I possibly can.  I’ll send along informational links that I think might be useful.  I even agreed to meet with a woman who lived close by so she could try on some skirts and blouses.  (She didn’t show up, but oh well.)

The indepent designers, artists and supply sellers from whom I have purchased have all been absolutely wonderful to work and communicate with.  I have yet to have a negative experience.  Good customer service is absolutely essential, and it is a huge mistake for larger companies to forget that.

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