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Tools!, originally uploaded by antigenre.

I’ve recently been on a bit of a buying spree for tools and reference material. I just purchased this terrific set of metal stamps from Evie’s Tool Emporium, and came back from a trip to Metalliferous with a starter collection of dapping tools. Also, after ignoring the advice of people who really do know what they’re talking about for too long, I finally ordered a copy of Tim McCreight’s Complete Metalsmith. It arrived yesterday, and I’ve only given it a quick glance-through, but I’m already thrilled with how clear the step-by-step process are and how well it is answering some of my basic technical questions.

Also, and totally unrelated, I snagged a Treasury West today quite by chance. The thumbnails below are just a few of the beautiful items included.  Click HERE to take a look at the whole collection!!


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I love my new disc cutters…, originally uploaded by antigenre.

When I started my jewelry class last October, the first thing I learned was how to saw some little discs and ovals. I made a pin out of one of them, and my instructor looked at it, laughed and said ‘Well, at least it looks like a handmade pin…” As in, handmade by a kindergartener, maybe.

A bit discouraged, I started thinking that there are so many jewelers out there who make things out of perfect discs and that it must just take a huge amount of time and practice. Little did I know that there was such a tool as a disc cutter! I finally got a hold of a small set on Friday. They make a lot of noise, and I’m sure my neighbors are ready to murder me, but hey, they get the job done!

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I finally got myself a drill!  I’m excited.  Metalliferous has a great deal on a basic flexshaft set-up, with a motor, handpiece, foot pedal, and 84-piece accessory kit (and who doesn’t love to accessorize??). 

I learned a few basic techniques in the class that I took this past fall and winter, and I’m ready to start experimenting and expanding on those techniques.  Any helpful advice is welcome.

I have so many ideas that I’ve been storing away in my head and my sketchbooks that I can now start to realize.  I can’t wait to get everything set up! 

Watch for new and interesting items to start showing up in my shop!

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