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The Beach!, originally uploaded by antigenre.

As much as I thought I should stay home and catch up on my sales sheets and other yucky administrative work, there really was no way that I could NOT go to the beach yesterday. It was about 137 degrees Fahrenheit (well, at least 92), so gettin’ to the shore wasn’t an option. The water was punishingly cold, but once the pain in my limbs subsided, I actually enjoyed floating around in the waves. I think that the water will be the perfect temperature in about a month, if that. I can’t wait to go back!

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So I’ve decided to pull out of the big street festival that is happening this Sunday in Highland Park, NJ.  Late last night, I brought out all the inventory that I had set aside for both this fair and for Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philadelphia at the end of the month.  I was absolutely shocked at how little I have prepared.  I have just enough for the one-day fair this weekend.  The problem is that I’m heading to Toronto for a week fairly soon and, if I were to sell a lot this weekend, would not have the time to replenish my inventory with enough for the much larger, two-day event in Philly.   Ugh.  Oh well.  As I sit here and snack on the $125 entry fee that I have to eat, I leave you with this beautiful beach photograph from RBurnettJr in the hopes that we have lots of warm, sunny weekends coming up.


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