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Corsico Set, originally uploaded by antigenre.

Since summer is now upon us, I thought I should brighten up my jewelry collection with a bit of color. I’ve just recently started playing around with patinas on my brass and copper pieces, and I am loving the results! It is an interesting process and seems to require a bit of patience with letting each layer dry so the color can come out.

The Corsico ring and earrings are among my first offerings – now available at AntiGenre on Etsy¬†–¬† and I have plenty more ideas to start work on.

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The Beach!, originally uploaded by antigenre.

As much as I thought I should stay home and catch up on my sales sheets and other yucky administrative work, there really was no way that I could NOT go to the beach yesterday. It was about 137 degrees Fahrenheit (well, at least 92), so gettin’ to the shore wasn’t an option. The water was punishingly cold, but once the pain in my limbs subsided, I actually enjoyed floating around in the waves. I think that the water will be the perfect temperature in about a month, if that. I can’t wait to go back!

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