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Riveting…, originally uploaded by antigenre.

I doubt that this was what Sarah Palin had in mind, but hey, it works for me. I went to town with my Foredom a while ago and created a pendant that was originally supposed to be part of my Buckshot series. I love the decayed, broken-down look of all these holes. I never did much with the pendant, so I decided to add to it, make use of some leftover brass tubing, and play around with some rivets. I plan to make some more pieces like this and should have the results posted in my shop soon.

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Hey, Copper!, originally uploaded by antigenre.

I’m playing around with some new techniques and ideas and seeing what will come of them. I want to add more rings and bracelets to my store (getting a bit earring-heavy, ya know?), so I’m seeing what I can do with copper discs and silver grains. Something like this work-in-progress will be available soon in my shop.

In other news, the treasury of the day (or two or three days, depending) is called ‘Firecracker COLLIDEoscope’.  Take a here to see an explosion of colors!!

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Tools!, originally uploaded by antigenre.

I’ve recently been on a bit of a buying spree for tools and reference material. I just purchased this terrific set of metal stamps from Evie’s Tool Emporium, and came back from a trip to Metalliferous with a starter collection of dapping tools. Also, after ignoring the advice of people who really do know what they’re talking about for too long, I finally ordered a copy of Tim McCreight’s Complete Metalsmith. It arrived yesterday, and I’ve only given it a quick glance-through, but I’m already thrilled with how clear the step-by-step process are and how well it is answering some of my basic technical questions.

Also, and totally unrelated, I snagged a Treasury West today quite by chance. The thumbnails below are just a few of the beautiful items included.  Click HERE to take a look at the whole collection!!


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Corsico Set, originally uploaded by antigenre.

Since summer is now upon us, I thought I should brighten up my jewelry collection with a bit of color. I’ve just recently started playing around with patinas on my brass and copper pieces, and I am loving the results! It is an interesting process and seems to require a bit of patience with letting each layer dry so the color can come out.

The Corsico ring and earrings are among my first offerings – now available at AntiGenre on Etsy –  and I have plenty more ideas to start work on.

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Experiments, originally uploaded by antigenre.

I’m just now getting my new drill set up and getting started with it. Unfortunately, I can’t create a permanent set-up for it because of how tiny my apartment is and how crazy my cat is. There’s no place that I can keep a ridiculously heavy motor hanging up where it wouldn’t become a hazard to everyone.

These fun little discs are one of my first experiments, and I’m not sure how they’ll turn out. I think I’ll keep this pair for myself and refine the pattern – and my technique – a bit.

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I finally got myself a drill!  I’m excited.  Metalliferous has a great deal on a basic flexshaft set-up, with a motor, handpiece, foot pedal, and 84-piece accessory kit (and who doesn’t love to accessorize??). 

I learned a few basic techniques in the class that I took this past fall and winter, and I’m ready to start experimenting and expanding on those techniques.  Any helpful advice is welcome.

I have so many ideas that I’ve been storing away in my head and my sketchbooks that I can now start to realize.  I can’t wait to get everything set up! 

Watch for new and interesting items to start showing up in my shop!

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This pair of earrings is one of the first in my Elemental series, which I’ll be rolling out in my shop over the next little while.  I’m having fun playing with silver and brass combinations, and I really like the little bit of pink that remains just under the surface of the brass discs on this pair. These are made with fairly substantial pieces of metal, but they are much more lightweight than they look.

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