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I’ve gotten into bangles recently. Not ‘The Bangles’, for anyone hoping for Susannah Hoffs pics.  Just bangles.  I’ve started to make some and I’m really liking how they’re turning out.  They’re fun to bang on with a hammer, and I know I’ll never be able to make two alike, so I’m not even bothering to try!

I take the 8:47 train out of Princeton Junction, NJ, every Saturday to get to my class in the city.  (The ‘city’ being New York, if you’re wondering.  You are just supposed to know which city.  I mean, come on, is there any other city, really?)

The view from the train window along the way is stunning.  As in, how the hell did it end up like this?  It is an amazing study in urban decay and rural abandon.  Scrap yards; abandoned construction (and de-construction) sites; crumbling buildings with not a single window intact; wildly colorful grafitti in places only those with nothing to lose would dare attempt to reach with a can of spray-paint; a whole stretch of power lines crumpled and half-submerged in the marsh.  

It’s called the Northeast Corridor passenger rail line, and it is the busiest in the nation, ferrying hundreds of commuters daily between some of the wealthiest communities in the country.  I don’t know if other passengers are aware of what is outside the window of the train, but it often seems like nobody notices. 

Despite what it stands for, I think there is something of an inherent beauty in the scenery along this line.  I love the repeating patterns of bricks and support beams in the old buildings, the rich red rust color of the heaps of scrap metal, the brightly colored rows of junked cars.  I need to find a way to get some good pictures. 

In the meantime, I’m trying to capture some of mess that is the NEC line in my jewelry. 

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