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Fun Finds

1.  Beachchik  2. JWLeGrand  3. LunarLounge  4. Siriusfnord  5. EtceteraMedia  6. Seth Rolland  7. Jean Pelle  8. ArtIs3Letters

I love the idea of having a home filled with beautiful handcrafted furnishings and decor.  My personal taste is all over the place, so I imagine that someday I’ll have a rather ecclectic collection of artwork and furniture.  This particular collection encompasses so many styles and features that I love – the modern lines and warm glow of Seth Rolland’s table and Jean Pelle’s candle holders; the clean, geometric shapes of  Lunar Lounge’s love seat and JWLeGrand’s concrete sink; the vintage (but not overly girly or frilly) look of the letter plaques from Beachchik, a fellow EtsyNJ member; Etceteramedia’s use of sturdy, industrial felt in their pillows; and the innovative designs of Siriusfnord’s glass bowls and Art Is 3 Letter’s Map on a Stick series.

I do hope you will check out the shops and websites of these talented artists!

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