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All the Cool Hues!, originally uploaded by antigenre.

After three or four days of scorching hot weather, the heat finally broke last night – and it broke with a bang! Parts of New Jersey were slammed with heavy rain and high winds. At least it is a bit cooler, and my energy is starting to return. This means I might actually get some work done tonight!

To celebrate the return to somewhat managable weather, I put together a treasury of fabulously cool items in beautiful and refreshing blues and greens from the members of EtsyNJ, the official New Jersey Street Team at Etsy. Click here to take a look at what the Garden State has to offer! This list will be around until the wee hours of Saturday morning.

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The Beach!, originally uploaded by antigenre.

As much as I thought I should stay home and catch up on my sales sheets and other yucky administrative work, there really was no way that I could NOT go to the beach yesterday. It was about 137 degrees Fahrenheit (well, at least 92), so gettin’ to the shore wasn’t an option. The water was punishingly cold, but once the pain in my limbs subsided, I actually enjoyed floating around in the waves. I think that the water will be the perfect temperature in about a month, if that. I can’t wait to go back!

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