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I wasn’t waiting for the treasury on Etsy to open up or anything, but earlier today, someone posted an announcement on Twitter that it was opening up soon.   I decided to try and snag one, but I apparently missed it by just a minute or two. 

Well, fine.  I’ll put together my own collection of favorites!  I’m in a vintagey-steampunky-military-ish mood, and these items have all caught my eye in the last day or two (actually, I’ve been coveting a couple of them for a while now).  They are full of wonderful details and embellishments, from antique lace appliques and faux fur hems to metallic thread stitching and exposed seams.  With innovative construction and interesting lines, each of these handcrafted beauties would be a terrific addition to a seriously cool wardrobe.

*** Shop News ***

The last day to order for the holidays from my Etsy shop will be December 20th!  You’ll still be able to order after that, of course, but I might not be able to get your purchase out to you before I leave for Kansas on the 23rd.   Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or concerns about your order! 

Happy shopping!

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…when I’m up too late and home alone.  My husband had gone to the Otep concert at the Starland.  (Ask him about it – I dare you.)  I had been working full out all day and late into the evening on getting ready for my upcoming craft fairs and on filling existing orders.  I don’t think really stopped for dinner. 

At about midnight, for some reason, I decided that I needed – not just wanted, NEEDED – a vintage shoe form.  I’ve always liked the look of old hat forms, shoe stays and dressmaker’s dummies but have never collected or had any real need for them.  I don’t actually collect anything, and I don’t do any sort of altered art that might require them. 

But late last Friday, I found myself scouring Etsy, bookmarking a bunch of fantastic items and engaging in a full-on price comparison, the way one would for something absolutely essential, like food or a car.  How much wooden shoe am I getting for the price?  What features does it have?  How much is shipping?  I mean, I was really committed to making a sound purchase.  

Well, the winner was the beauty pictured above from Pinksupply.  It is on its way to me, and I can’t wait to see it!

Here is a sampling of the other fine contenders (from left to right, Surrender Dorothy, A Touch of Vintage, and AntJamie):


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