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Branching Out

Nest, originally uploaded by antigenre.

This is one of my favorite collage photos. It’s not a ‘photo collage’ but rather a photo of a collage (see the flickr post for an explanation of the process). It dates from sometime in 2003, either just before or just after the mess in Iraq got started.

I have several other similar pieces, and I’m now wondering if I should offer them in my Etsy shop. Better yet, should I open a new shop specifically for prints? I think that AntiGenre has started to develop a fairly unified look and feel (um, does that mean I’ll have to change my name?), and I’m not sure if I want to diversify and risk cluttering it up. I also have a bunch of intersting things I could sell as supplies: sea glass from the beaches in Japan, vintage and antique kimono fabric, stones, beads, my own handmade headpins and hoops….

Lots of people have more than one store on Etsy. Does anyone have three or more? What’s the highest number of shops held by one owner?

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Then subscribe to the Pilot Mail Art Project!  Pilot – founded in part by my brother-in-law, Reuben McLaughlin –  is a collective of artists and writers based in Toronto, CA, whose goal is to assist other writers and artists by developing a strong community and by creating exposure and access to markets.  

To date, they have published three Pilot Pocket Books, collections of writings enhanced with illustrations done by talented artists.   The books are available at several locations in Toronto, including Pages, Book City in the Beaches, and This Ain’t The Rosedale Library. Order forms for the books can be found on Pilot’s homepage.

The Pilot Mail Art Project offers 6- and 12-month subscriptions; subscribers receive a piece of original artwork each month.   My husband and I have received several beautiful prints so far and are looking forward to getting more.  The project is an inexpensive way to get some great pieces of artwork and to support some truly talented people!

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