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The Palmetto Apartments - Our New Home

The Palmetto Apartments - Our New Home

It’s been an eventful week:  I hit 500 sales on Etsy, went apartment hunting in Spartanburg, SC, went canoeing on Lake Carnegie in Princeton, found a tick in my armpit, and finished my jewelry class at the 92nd Street Y.  So, a bit of good and a bit of bad. 

The tick I was rather unhappy about, and I’m not sure if I picked it up while out and about near the lake, or if it hitched a ride back from the south (a similar one briefly landed on me there, too).  I’m sad that my class has ended; I was getting a lot out of it.  Because it was an independent study course, I didn’t learn a lot in terms of new techniques, but it did help to refine what I already do know, and it allowed me to experiment with more complex and challenging designs. 

On the flip side, sales in general have been fairly good this month, despite the ongoing economic saga, and it was nice to reach that numerical goal of 500 in my main Etsy shop.  The trip to Spartanburg wasn’t exactly a saga, but it was a fairly intense three days.  After being shown a sizable collection of houses, townhouses, condos and apartments, Levi and I decided to sign a one-year lease for an apartment that is probably the nicest place I will ever live.  Seriously.  No joke.  It is huge and beautiful.  The photos on the website linked above (click on the photo) don’t do it justice and actually make the various units look rather grotty.  I promise I’ll post our own photos when we get there.  I’ll have my own studio space; Levi and I will have plenty of room and won’t get in each other’s hair.  Hell, we probably won’t even be able to find each other! 

In the meantime, we’re here in Princeton for another two months that promise to be just as eventful.

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