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All the Cool Hues!, originally uploaded by antigenre.

After three or four days of scorching hot weather, the heat finally broke last night – and it broke with a bang! Parts of New Jersey were slammed with heavy rain and high winds. At least it is a bit cooler, and my energy is starting to return. This means I might actually get some work done tonight!

To celebrate the return to somewhat managable weather, I put together a treasury of fabulously cool items in beautiful and refreshing blues and greens from the members of EtsyNJ, the official New Jersey Street Team at Etsy. Click here to take a look at what the Garden State has to offer! This list will be around until the wee hours of Saturday morning.

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Night Treasury, originally uploaded by antigenre.

I heard an old Marillion song the other day that I heard many, many times when I was living in Malta about 15 years ago. The song, That Time of the Night, will forever be associated with the first few weeks I spent there. It was February, and I was living alone in a huge apartment with excessively high ceilings, almost monastic furnishings and a barely functioning pay phone. It was rather chilly (the limestone building had no insulation) and very lonely. Things got better, though, once I made some friends and it got warm enough to go to the beaches.

I made this treasury with that song and that time in mind. Click here to see it before it expires Saturday morning!

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My Treasury!, originally uploaded by antigenre.

I’ve had Buck Cherry’s Crazy Bitch going through my head all morning, so when the treasury looked like it was going to open up, I decided to exorcise it from my brain with all these cool ‘buck’ and ‘cherry’ items! The song’s still there, but at least I’m at home now where I can listed to it without offending anyone’s sensibilities!

Click HERE to view the collection in all its glory (you have until Sunday afternoon)!

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I Hate Being Sick.

Bleh.  I left work early today feeling super gross.  It stinks being at home without being able to do much but sleep.  I hate wasting that kind of time!  I did manage to get some photographs of a new necklace taken in the evening.  Hopefully I’ll get it listed in my shop soon.  I certainly won’t be putting up the new pegboard for my workbench (see my Flickr photostream)!

Shop update:

At least one of these will get listed tonight if I have the energy to edit the photos and write a catchy description.

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Here I sit looking at the new WordPress dashboard, slowy and reluctantly getting used to it.  After my last post, in which I panicked a bit about the new layout, I took a break, went for a walk and got a salad from an overpriced, underwhelming salad bar at the local health food store.   Since when are wilted lettuce and withered carrots healthy?

Anyway, on to the real topic of the day – teamwork!  For several months now, I have been a member of the EtsyNJ Street Team, a group of artists and crafters from New Jersey who work together to promote our work.  Members of the EtsyNJ team regularly create team treasuries, post daily promotional threads and manage team blogs and MySpace pages.  We also have a Yahoo group for discussions and advice on of all sorts of business-related topics. 

I’m not usually a ‘joiner’, but I think that being part of this team has definitely helped me get my name out there and increased exposure to my shop, all this aside from the fact that I’ve met (virtually at least) a great group of people!  For sellers who are new to Esty, I recommend at least taking a look at the Teams page on Etsy for relevant groups.  A little team-work can go a long way!

Click on the banner at the top of the page to take a look at the EtsyNJ homepage! 

AntiGenre Shop Update – Ring Things Recently Relisted!


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Noo Moos!, originally uploaded by antigenre.

There is nothing better than receiving a beautifully packaged, well-presented parcel in the mail!

The first thing I noticed about buying on Etsy a year ago was how well my purchases were wrapped and how much attention to detail went into the presentation and the enclosed material. While I certainly don’t expect all the extra effort, it does make the shopping experience a little more special.

I especially love cool, well-designed business cards and other marketing material that communicate the overall style and message of the store. I’ve got a great collection of cards now from some of the fabulous sellers – like Treehouse28, Bloodle, and Tricia McKellar – that I’ve bought from. I just got my own new Moo cards today, and I’m super happy with how they turned out!

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Treasury, originally uploaded by antigenre.

Another beautiful treasury from Uncorked! This one is copper-themed, and the combination of the pieces featured – including my Cupertino Ring – give it a warm, summery feel.

Check out a couple of my favorites, including Morphologie’s mixed-media brooch called Evolution 2 and Fotofiction’s Red Fireplace, an eerily sunny photograph of a fireplace in an abandoned asylum.   Click HERE to see this treasury – but hurry, it expires Thursday at 1:00am!

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