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…when I’m up too late and home alone.  My husband had gone to the Otep concert at the Starland.  (Ask him about it – I dare you.)  I had been working full out all day and late into the evening on getting ready for my upcoming craft fairs and on filling existing orders.  I don’t think really stopped for dinner. 

At about midnight, for some reason, I decided that I needed – not just wanted, NEEDED – a vintage shoe form.  I’ve always liked the look of old hat forms, shoe stays and dressmaker’s dummies but have never collected or had any real need for them.  I don’t actually collect anything, and I don’t do any sort of altered art that might require them. 

But late last Friday, I found myself scouring Etsy, bookmarking a bunch of fantastic items and engaging in a full-on price comparison, the way one would for something absolutely essential, like food or a car.  How much wooden shoe am I getting for the price?  What features does it have?  How much is shipping?  I mean, I was really committed to making a sound purchase.  

Well, the winner was the beauty pictured above from Pinksupply.  It is on its way to me, and I can’t wait to see it!

Here is a sampling of the other fine contenders (from left to right, Surrender Dorothy, A Touch of Vintage, and AntJamie):


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