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I Hate Being Sick.

Bleh.  I left work early today feeling super gross.  It stinks being at home without being able to do much but sleep.  I hate wasting that kind of time!  I did manage to get some photographs of a new necklace taken in the evening.  Hopefully I’ll get it listed in my shop soon.  I certainly won’t be putting up the new pegboard for my workbench (see my Flickr photostream)!

Shop update:

At least one of these will get listed tonight if I have the energy to edit the photos and write a catchy description.

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I’ve been featured on TalentDatabase!  TalentDatabase is a global database of artists, designers, performers and producers across a broad range of industries that is designed to create exposure as well as marketing and opportunities.  The kind editors have featured my listing for AntiGenre on the Fashion Portal channel, where it can be seen by who knows how many people daily for as long as it is there.  How exciting is that!?

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