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Here I sit looking at the new WordPress dashboard, slowy and reluctantly getting used to it.  After my last post, in which I panicked a bit about the new layout, I took a break, went for a walk and got a salad from an overpriced, underwhelming salad bar at the local health food store.   Since when are wilted lettuce and withered carrots healthy?

Anyway, on to the real topic of the day – teamwork!  For several months now, I have been a member of the EtsyNJ Street Team, a group of artists and crafters from New Jersey who work together to promote our work.  Members of the EtsyNJ team regularly create team treasuries, post daily promotional threads and manage team blogs and MySpace pages.  We also have a Yahoo group for discussions and advice on of all sorts of business-related topics. 

I’m not usually a ‘joiner’, but I think that being part of this team has definitely helped me get my name out there and increased exposure to my shop, all this aside from the fact that I’ve met (virtually at least) a great group of people!  For sellers who are new to Esty, I recommend at least taking a look at the Teams page on Etsy for relevant groups.  A little team-work can go a long way!

Click on the banner at the top of the page to take a look at the EtsyNJ homepage! 

AntiGenre Shop Update – Ring Things Recently Relisted!


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This Is A Test

So WordPress decided to play around with the dashboard here, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what to do with it.  How do I upload images with no easily locatable browse function?  WHAT’S GOING ON??????  Sorry, mometary panic there.  So, I’m going to publish this post, tinker with it a bit and see if there are any problems or bugs with it.  Any suggestions out there for better blog hosts?

I’m seriously thinking of switching to Typepad or Blogspot now, but I worry about getting my traffic directed there, especially that which comes from other blogs that have me on their blogroll.  Oh, what to do!

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