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I love my new disc cutters…, originally uploaded by antigenre.

When I started my jewelry class last October, the first thing I learned was how to saw some little discs and ovals. I made a pin out of one of them, and my instructor looked at it, laughed and said ‘Well, at least it looks like a handmade pin…” As in, handmade by a kindergartener, maybe.

A bit discouraged, I started thinking that there are so many jewelers out there who make things out of perfect discs and that it must just take a huge amount of time and practice. Little did I know that there was such a tool as a disc cutter! I finally got a hold of a small set on Friday. They make a lot of noise, and I’m sure my neighbors are ready to murder me, but hey, they get the job done!

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Red!, originally uploaded by antigenre.

I’m not superstitious, but the last treasury that I was in and posted on my blog made it onto the front page, so I just thought, well, you know…

This gorgeous collection of red items, including my Cassis Earrings, was put together by Uncorked – be sure to take a look at her shop!

A couple of my favorite sellers are featured here as well, including Sachiko and her lovely red shrug.  Click HERE to check out this collection before it expires Sunday afternoon!

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Satellite Necklace, originally uploaded by antigenre.

I’m a fan of Danny Boyle’s movies, especially 28 Days Later and now Sunshine, a refreshingly hard-science-based, alien-free, space-travel sci-fi film. This necklace reminds me of, and was sort of inspired by, a small scene in which the crew of the Icarus pauses to watch as Mercury passes in front of the dying sun. Kind of a neat moment.

The necklace is also my first project using my new Foredom (weeee!), and I’m now convinced that I need to buy disc cutters.

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Treasury Screen Shot, originally uploaded by antigenre.

I think everyone loves getting gold stars! I know I did when I was a kid in grade school and a gold star (sometimes they were green or red, but hey…) was the highest form of praise on homework, tests or art projects. Needless to say, I’m always happy to see a gold star in the treasury list on Etsy. Not only is great press, it means that someone takes my work seriously, appreciates the quality of the photo and sees the featured piece fitting into a larger theme of colors, items or ideas.

SandBlueGreen was put together by UnaOdd and will expire early in the morning on Tuesday, March 11th. Take a look at it while you still can, and be sure to check out UnaOdd’s Etsy shop!

My Oblate Earrings can be seen in my shop.

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Experiments, originally uploaded by antigenre.

I’m just now getting my new drill set up and getting started with it. Unfortunately, I can’t create a permanent set-up for it because of how tiny my apartment is and how crazy my cat is. There’s no place that I can keep a ridiculously heavy motor hanging up where it wouldn’t become a hazard to everyone.

These fun little discs are one of my first experiments, and I’m not sure how they’ll turn out. I think I’ll keep this pair for myself and refine the pattern – and my technique – a bit.

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Branching Out

Nest, originally uploaded by antigenre.

This is one of my favorite collage photos. It’s not a ‘photo collage’ but rather a photo of a collage (see the flickr post for an explanation of the process). It dates from sometime in 2003, either just before or just after the mess in Iraq got started.

I have several other similar pieces, and I’m now wondering if I should offer them in my Etsy shop. Better yet, should I open a new shop specifically for prints? I think that AntiGenre has started to develop a fairly unified look and feel (um, does that mean I’ll have to change my name?), and I’m not sure if I want to diversify and risk cluttering it up. I also have a bunch of intersting things I could sell as supplies: sea glass from the beaches in Japan, vintage and antique kimono fabric, stones, beads, my own handmade headpins and hoops….

Lots of people have more than one store on Etsy. Does anyone have three or more? What’s the highest number of shops held by one owner?

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I’ve recently found a fantastic source of these amazing brass findings!  I have no idea what they are supposed to be used for, or where they were made, but I love them.  They come in a great variety of evocative shapes and sizes – just looking at the rows and rows of bins starts my head spinning with all kinds of ideas. 

The earrings pictured are my Coriolis Earrings – lightweight, sexy, sophisticated!

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